The HVAC market in America is worth over 16 billion dollars. That’s a lot of HVAC units – and all those units need maintenance!

But many people don’t know much about the maintenance process. They might not even know the right questions to ask at an HVAC maintenance appointment.

When HVAC installers next visit, there are a few things you should ask. Read on to find out four key HVAC questions.

1. How Can I Keep My HVAC in Good Condition?

In day-to day-life, most of us tend not to notice our HVAC units. But these complex systems require plenty of maintenance, ranging from basic cleaning to more elaborate repairs.

HVAC professionals can give you some great tips on keeping your HVAC in good working order. This could range from scheduling regular, professional maintenance to small things you can do in the home. 

2. Can You Estimate the Time for the Job?

In the modern world, time is one of the most valuable commodities we have. Making time for an HVAC appointment can be frustrating, even though it’s a necessity. So, it’s important to have a good idea of how long an appointment will take. 

When we come to work on your HVAC system, we’ll give you a clear idea of how long we expect the job to take. We’ll outline the process for you so you can plan your day around the work.

Of course, if something unexpected arises, the situation may change. But we understand you need to know how long the job will take. That’s why we always make sure to keep you posted on any developments.

3. Can You Give a Pricing Quote?

They say the best things in life are free. Sadly, that’s not the case with HVAC services! That’s why you need to know exactly how much you can expect to pay.

Before the job commences, you should ask your chosen HVAC technician for a quote. When you work with us, we’ll be as open as possible about pricing. We give you our best estimate of the final bill and we don’t add on lots of hidden charges.  

4. Is My HVAC System Suitable for My Home?

Not all HVAC systems were created equally. Some are far more powerful than others, capable of working well in large homes. Others are designed to regulate the temperature in much smaller homes.

An experienced HVAC contractor will be able to tell you if your system is right for your home. If your current system is underpowered, you may find that it struggles to regulate the temperatures in your home and could be more susceptible to breakdowns.

Feel free to ask us if we think your current system is right for the job. If not, we can work with you to find a quality replacement. We can even install it for you. 

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Well-maintained HVAC systems are the key to a comfortable life. Without them working at full capacity, you could suffer in uncomfortable temperatures. 

If you need quality HVAC services, we’ve got the experience and all the skills we need to help you out. We are experienced HVAC installers and maintenance professionals. Contact Sewell Electric Company today to find out more about how we can help you.