Being diligent when it comes to your yearly AC service is an excellent way to save money and keep your unit performing the way it was designed to. That means that you have fewer AC repairs and lower energy costs, as well as peace of mind knowing that the indoor air quality is better and the temperatures indoors will be safe when the weather outside reaches extreme highs and lows. However, just because you are getting a yearly AC service doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a little information while you have an expert to help you with a few pressing questions. Here are a few helpful questions that you can ask before or after your next HVAC service call so that you are prepared and informed.

#1: What maintenance can be performed at home beyond filter changes?

If you change your filters routinely, that is the first step to performing the routine maintenance that keeps AC repairs away and your unit working for years to come. However, there is more that you can do from setting temperatures correctly and to checking the outside of the unit for fallen tree limbs and other debris. Let the technician know what you are currently doing to keep your heating and cooling system working smoothly, and they will guide you towards other good practices you can apply.

#2: Am I using the right filter for my unit?

If you are not sure whether or not the filter you are using or the frequency you are changing it in is right, then show the experts the filter and let them know how often you clean it. They have the trained eyes and skills to take a look and give sound advice, and you will be provided with guidance and detailed information about the best filter practices.

#3: Will a new thermostat save me money on my energy bill?

If you are ready to save a little money, one of the first places that you can look to is your thermostat. The best AC repair professionals can install a new thermostat for you that can be controlled remotely and will have more features that keep you in control. When you have a thermostat with more capabilities and you utilize these, you will start to see lower energy costs.

#4: Do you have any specials going on right now or in the future?

Don’t hesitate to ask the AC service specialists if the company offers any specials currently or if they have seasonal discounts going on. This can be great when you are trying to save money or if you know that an AC repair or installation is going to be occurring.

#5: What are the signs I need an AC repair?

If the Franklin heating and cooling unit has worked in optimal condition for years, but you have started to notice it isn’t quite working as well as it used to, then find out what signs to look for at your yearly service call. Knowing what to look for can help you stay you ahead of AC repairs, and this saves you time, money, and headaches.