AC repair is part of owning a valuable and complex piece of equipment. There will be times when the natural wear and tear of the unit will cause components to struggle to keep up and eventually break down. When this happens, you will need to call for quality air conditioning service in Franklin TN to ensure you get the issue resolve completely and not just glossed over with a quick fix. Luckily, you can prolong and prevent a lot of these repairs, and here we provide you with a checklist so that your heating and cooling system works in prime condition for years to come.

Routinely change filters

Changing filters is a simple and inexpensive part of the routine maintenance, but when it is ignored, it can cause some expensive damage. Make sure you keep up with filter changes by setting a reminder on your phone or thermostat. Beyond preventing AC repairs, you will decrease your energy bill and improve the indoor air quality of your space when the filters are cleaned or replaced once a month.

Listen for strange noises

Strange noise can alert you to trouble, and you should take the time to listen to the outside of your unit as well as the inside components such as around the vents. Clicking noises can be a sign that there is electrical trouble and clanking sounds can be the result of debris around the fan, and the list goes on. You should always call in a reputable AC service to handle strange noises for you to ensure that each step is done with the proper equipment and safety practices.

Clean debris around the outside of the unit

If you have vines growing through your unit or fallen sticks laying on top of the fan grate, then it’s time to clear it off if you want to save money and prevent AC repairs. When you change your filters, make sure you check the outside of your unit too. While you are there, pay attention to the sounds it makes so that you know what is normal and can identify what is not when the time comes.

Get everyone involved in temperature settings

One way to cause unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system is to have multiple people adjusting the temperature settings behind each other’s backs. Those that live in your home and have access to the thermostat should get on the same page about the best temperature setting practices. If the temperatures is ninety-five degrees outside, you shouldn’t try to reach temperatures in the sixties, but try to stay within fifteen degrees of the temps outdoors.

Schedule yearly maintenance with the pros

Yearly maintenance AC service calls will prevent repairs and add to the lifespan of your system, saving you time and money (and a little bit of frustration). Technicians will be able to check the inner-working components to ensure they are in good condition and can do the deep cleaning that requires specialized equipment. Plus, the pros will be able to detect potential trouble spots in the future and stay proactive in maintaining them.