When you invest in equipment to keep your home or business comfortable, and at safe temperatures, you want it to work in optimal condition and have lasting qualities. However, that is often easier said than done. As life gets busy and you have multiple people setting their ideal temperatures over one another, your HVAC system can start to take a toll. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent AC repairs and keep your HVAC unit working in prime condition, and here we list just a few that you can start applying today.

Keep up with early service calls

So many people skip their yearly service calls with an AC technician in Nashville because when the heating and cooling unit is working in good condition, you don’t think it’s that important. However, this part of preventative care for your system can do wonders when it comes to adding years to the lifespan. Plus, you’ll have fewer AC repairs to deal with. And when you do have one, it won’t be as severe as when an HVAC technician hasn’t been by for an annual inspection.

Know the signs you need an AC repair

Adding longevity to your unit can be as simple as knowing the initial signs that you need an AC repair. Take the time to listen for odd sounds and smells coming from your unit, pay attention to air flow, and more. At the first sign that you need an AC repair, get the technicians involved to ensure that a small problem doesn’t lead to a bigger issue.

Practice routine maintenance

Keep up with filter changes and routine maintenance to ensure that your heating and cooling system continues to work in optimal condition. While it can be hard to remember, trust that it is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to add longevity to your unit. Keep plenty of filters on hand and get everyone involved because the more eyes that focus on keeping up with the routine maintenance, the fewer AC repairs you’ll have and the longer your unit will run.

Invest in a new thermostat

A new thermostat can do wonders for your energy bill and the way your HVAC unit performs. If you have an older model thermostat, speak with an AC repair professional about your options for newer models to find the right one for you. There are features such as being able to remotely set temperatures and locking the thermostat, so people can’t go behind you and readjust them.

Set temperatures wisely

In the same vein as a new thermostat, make sure that you are setting your temperatures wisely. While an HVAC system is a vital piece of equipment that is efficient, it won’t last as long when you set temperatures that cause it to run continually. The parts will naturally wear down, and you’ll have more AC repairs than if you had kept the temperatures set at a safe, but realistic setting.