Clean your act up! 88% of Americans use at least one piece of air-conditioning equipment. Most HVAC systems use coils to absorb heat and transfer clean air. 

You should expect your coils to get dirty sooner rather than later. Continuing to use dirty coils can drop your air quality and damage your HVAC system. If you think you have dirty coils, you need to study how to clean HVAC coils. 

When should you expect to use HVAC coil cleaning tips? What can you use to clean your coils? When should you call an HVAC technician for help? 

Answer these questions and you can have a sparkling HVAC system for years to come. Here is your quick HVAC coil cleaning guide.

Develop a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning HVAC coils depends on what types of coils you have. If you live in an area with a mild climate, you can clean your evaporator and condenser coils once a year. 

If you run your HVAC system every day on a high setting, you may need to clean your coils every three months. You should also clean your coils whenever you get a renovation to your system. If your coils take in moist, salty, or low-quality air, you should clean HVAC coils every month.

Inspect Your HVAC Coils

Before you start cleaning, you need to do a visual inspection of your coils. If your coils have dirt or grime on them, you should clean them. If you notice your air pressure dropping in your HVAC system, you should also clean your coils, as debris in them may be affecting how air flows in your unit. 

You should never clean coils if they seem rusty or damaged. You should order HVAC services instead and get your coils replaced or repaired.

Buy a Cleaner

You can buy condenser and evaporator coil cleaners from hardware and HVAC stores. Buy a bottle and read the instructions carefully so you do not damage your HVAC system. 

If you need to scrub material off of your coils, you can pour a little cleaner on top of them and then use a bristle brush to remove anything on them. Make sure the brush has soft bristles and do not scrape your coils with a brush or another tool. 

Use Steam

If the coil is too far for you to reach, you can use steam to clean it. Do not use a steam cleaner you use on a floor, as the device can be too powerful. 

Use a hose or a gun to spray steam onto the coils. Make sure the steam is at low pressure, as high-pressure steam can warp your coils. Keep your eye on the coils and remove your device if they start to get rusty or change shapes. 

Figure Out How to Clean HVAC Coils

Learning how to clean HVAC coils means figuring out a few steps. The dirtier your environment is, the more you have to clean your coils. Inspect your coils every three months.

Do not use common cleaning products to clean your coils. Buy specialized cleaners from an HVAC store and use small amounts of them to scrub your coils. You can also use steam, though it should be at low pressure.

When you need help cleaning, you should find an experienced HVAC professional near you. Sewell Electric Company serves the Franklin area. Contact us today.