One thing that we don’t pay too much attention to in our house is our thermostat until it breaks. Thermostats do their job quietly and in the background of our homes usually doing their job properly. Once it stops working properly, everyone takes notice. Living in a home that is freezing cold or burning hot is not ideal, and homeowners will do anything to return back to a comfortable environment. One thing you want to make sure before calling a repairman from Franklin HVAC to come take a look at your HVAC unit is to narrow down where the problem is coming from. After you have determined that your HVAC unit isn’t the problem but your thermostat, it is easier to determine the problem. While some repairs will require a trained tech, some common issues can be fixed with simple solutions. 

Furnace Won’t Start

No one wants to be caught in the cold months with a faulty furnace that isn’t operating properly. If you are experiencing issues where your furnace doesn’t want to turn on, try some of these troubleshooting solutions:

  • Look for things around your unit such as blown fuses and tripped breakers
  • Check for dirt, spider webs, and other debris buildups in your thermostat. This buildup can cause mechanical and electrical parts of the unit to malfunction. Use items like a soft brush or compressed air to gently clean out the thermostat. 
  • Check for any loose screws or corroded wires. Be sure to cut off the power before taking off the cover of your thermostat. 

Room Temperature and Setting Don’t Match

One thing you will want to check before calling out a technician is to ensure your thermostat is keeping the room at the correct temperature. You will want to tape a thermometer next to your thermostat with a paper towel behind it to avoid transfer from the wall and compare the temperature on both to see if they match. Give this approximately fifteen minutes for the temperature to stabilize in the room. 

Unit Won’t Turn On or Switches On and Off

This can be an extremely frustrating situation for your household, but there are some common solutions that can fix the problem.

  • Again, you should check to make sure your thermostat is clean from debris. 
  • Check to see if your box is level. If not, this can be the cause of electrical issues in the unit.
  • Adjust the temperature on the thermostat to see if this has any effect on the length of time your HVAC unit stays on. 

Your HVAC unit is not the only component to maintaining a comfortable living environment. If you are experiencing any of these common issues with your unit, try these solutions to see if that fixes the problem. Once you have exhausted all DIY solutions or don’t feel comfortable messing with the components, give us at Franklin HVAC a call to come take a look and make any repairs so you can go back to living comfortably in your home.