As fellow homeowners, our technicians at Franklin HVAC understand the importance of proper air quality inside your home to keep your family happy and healthy. If your home has poor air quality, then it could be affecting the health and well-being of your family. A reduced indoor air quality can lead to multiple illnesses and even a loss in productivity inside your home or building. Now, you may be asking what causes poor air quality? This can be linked to various gases in your air, any microbial contaminants such as mold living in your air, or any energy stressor that induces adverse health conditions. A properly working HVAC unit is the best way to keep your air quality at the proper levels. If you notice your home already having issues with poor air quality, follow these few tips from our professionals at Franklin HVAC to help improve it.

Source Control

This is usually the most effective way to control and improve the quality of air that is circulating inside your home. The best way to improve it is to eliminate the individual sources that are polluting your home’s air. Take sources such as those that contain asbestos. Most of these sources have a way of being sealed or enclosed so that they are not releasing pollutants into your air. Other sources, such as a gas stove, have a way to lower the number of emissions that are produced from them. By controlling these sources, you are not only improving the quality of air inside your home, but you are also being more cost-efficient.

Ventilation Improvements

With a majority of HVAC units out there, they do not bring in the fresh outdoor air inside, meaning that your home is not getting a circulation of fresh air. A good way to reduce the number of pollutants inside your home is to bring outdoor air inside, so the circulation of fresh, clean air can make its way through your home. Now with it being the winter months, this is a harder thing to accomplish without your home freezing to death and your energy costs skyrocketing. Increasing the ventilation in your home is another great way to improve your air quality in your home. Whenever it is possible, opening a window or door, turning on a ceiling fan, or opening the vent control on a window air conditioner can all help improve the circulation of fresh air in your home. Bathroom exhaust fans are also another great way to help get rid of those pollutants lingering in your home.

These two methods of improving the air quality within your home will keep living conditions optimal, and they will keep your family healthy. Another option you may consider is investing in an air cleaning system to put inside your home. These systems can range in size and price but will ultimately aid in keeping your home’s air quality at a proper level.