When you notice your HVAC system is having problems and you are not reaching comfortable temperatures, the first step is to call in the professionals. Once you have done that, you may wonder what steps you should take next to prepare for their visit. Here we provide a quick checklist of what you can do to make sure you have a successful HVAC service call and that your system runs efficiently for years to come.

Find a reputable AC service

You can have an HVAC system designed by the best manufacturer and with quality features, but if you do not have a reputable local AC service to call for installation, repairs, and routine maintenance calls, then you won’t be able to get the longevity and usage out of it that you would expect. Technicians that are licensed and insured to work with your brand of HVAC system leave nothing up to guesswork and come prepared with the proper tools, techniques, and work ethic that make HVAC repair a breeze.

Check filters

In many cases, when you notice your AC unit is acting odd, your filter may be a part of the problem. Check your filter and if it has collected more dust and dander than usual, let the technician know. You can also ask them if you are using the right filter and how often you should be cleaning and changing it.

Clean debris around the unit

Make sure that debris is cleared out around the outside of the unit before the HVAC service call to ensure they can easily reach it safely. If you have pets that occupy the area that the system is in, have a plan for them so that they are not in the way and they don’t get out of the yard since the technician may have to go back and forth to the truck for tools and supplies.

Communicate with the technician about the problem

Make sure you let the AC service technician know what issues you have been experiencing because these can help identify the problem. While they will do a complete inspection and run a diagnosis of your HVAC unit, if you have been hearing strange noises or noticing water build up, you can help them pinpoint where the issue is stemming from.

Ask about updates

While you have the technician there for an AC service, find out about any updates that you can make such as your thermostat or ducts. By having these upgraded, you can prolong the life of your unit, improve your indoor air quality, and more.

Schedule a yearly AC service call

Once the HVAC service is completed, and your unit is functioning as it should again, go ahead and have your calendar ready to schedule a yearly service call. While yearly maintenance can be easy to skip over, trust that it will give your HVAC unit longevity and reduce the number of repairs in the lifespan. By taking proactive measures, you will be prepared for extreme temperatures and save money.