As we close out the warmest month of the year, it’s important to keep in mind that Franklin temperatures linger in the 80s as late as October. If your AC is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s still crucial to seek HVAC maintenance.

Some AC problems are caused by surprisingly small components. The AC drain line is a small tube that pulls condensation out of the drain pan below the evaporator coil and outside into your yard. 

If your AC drain line keeps clogging, it could lead to more serious HVAC problems. What should you do about it?

Read on to learn what causes a clogged drain line and why you should hire an HVAC technician to fix it.

Why Your AC Drain Line Keeps Clogging

As your evaporator coils accumulate moisture, they can also accumulate dust and debris. This solid matter can make its way into your drain line, narrowing the space that water has to pass through.

Debris buildup is enough to cause a clog, but you may have secondary problems on your hands. For example, the presence of debris can trap moisture inside the drain line, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If mold and mildew circulate into your indoor air, you may start to notice an increase in health problems.

When you’re dealing with a clogged drain line, the moisture that should leave your home can start to back up in the HVAC system, causing puddling and, if left unattended, causing electrical problems and other serious damage. You may also notice an earthy smell if mold and mildew are starting to take hold. It’s best to act fast to minimize damage and get your AC up and running ASAP.

Why a Clogged Drain Line Requires Professional Help

A clog may seem simple enough to fix, but it’s always best to leave any kind of HVAC maintenance to the professionals. If you don’t turn off the entire system before working on the drain line, you run the risk of electrocution. 

While you can dislodge a simple clog with a pipe cleaner, repeated clogs indicate a bigger problem. Your HVAC technician can not only clean the drain line but can also assess any residual damage and replace affected parts and components. If need be, they can also relocate the drain line if its current position is contributing to clogs. 

Need HVAC Maintenance in Franklin?

If your AC drain line keeps clogging, it’s time to call for professional help. Without the right experience and tools, HVAC maintenance isn’t always safe to complete on your own. Sewell Electric Company is proud to offer HVAC and electrical services to Franklin property owners to make sure that your home is safe and functional.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment or ask about our services. We look forward to helping you keep things cool this summer and fall!