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Never underestimate the power of a good electrician.

Your house can be transformed from a drab building full of lifeless rooms to a home with a comfortable, dynamic atmosphere by simply upgrading your electrical and lighting elements. Expert lighting design goes into creating a professional office, as well, and there isn’t a high-quality restaurant or retail store out there that doesn’t view their indoor ambience as a high priority. At Sewell Electric Company, Inc., our professional electrician team specializes in providing only the best quality of lighting installation and repairs for your home or business.

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If you’re looking for a good electrician to install new light fixtures in your home or office, then look no further. For homeowners, we’ll give you the best advice on where you should install new lighting fixtures, and we can give you our guarantee of getting the job done right. Our team of skilled technicians can also skillfully handle commercial jobs, such as installing lights in an office or restaurant, helping your business achieve the dynamic ambience that will take you to the next level of sophistication.

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Is your wiring is on the fritz? Have your lighting installments taken some hits and now need a bit of TLC? Let us help! We have the expertise to safely handle electrical repair jobs with professional accuracy. A slack-jobbed electrician repair could lead to repeated damage to lighting instruments, or worse. Don’t trust your home or business to the integrity of poor-quality electrical work. Instead, give us a call! We’re just the professionals you need for the job.

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Some examples of what we can install or repair:

The lighting fixtures you install in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or elsewhere can take the room’s ambience from a being a plain, boring box and transform it into a dynamic atmosphere ready for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a get together at home, or are simply in need of easy lighting for a relaxing evening, the fixtures you install in your home are far more important than just giving you enough light to see.

When it comes to selecting lighting fixtures for your business, you’ll want something more than just a light-bulb on a stick. Our expert electrician team will help you decide on what lighting fixtures are right for your business, helping you find the perfect balance between creating an inviting atmosphere and running an efficient place of business.

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes, but their effect on a room is always beneficial. A good ceiling fan keeps the air in a room circulating, cooling off a warm summer day while improving the air quality with a fresh, flowing breeze.

Looking to install a new ceiling fan? Come see us! Our technicians have an excellent grasp on the best layout for ceiling fan placement, taking visual impact, air circulation, and electrical wiring all into account. They’ll help you choose the right ceiling fan for your project, and they can install it for you with no trouble at all.

Not all lighting elements need to be fancy fixtures mounted in hard-to-reach places. Sometimes, to bring a room to life, all you need are a few good lamps set in the right spots. Choosing the right lamps for a room not only affects the lighting of the room, but it’ll also affect the design and layout of the room, as well. Whether you’re looking to improve the lighting for your home, office, workshop, or anywhere else, we can definitely help you find the right lights for the job.

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