As a business owner, you probably don’t think about how your HVAC unit is affecting the day-to-day operations of your workspace, but you should consider the problems it can create if you don’t keep it maintained. If you have a poorly operating HVAC system it can affect the productivity of your office, the safety, and the energy bills that your business is paying. This doesn’t even include how it can affect the morale of your employees/tenants. Unsure of when you need to bring in the professionals to take a look at your unit? No need to worry, Franklin HVAC has a few of the most common issues that commercial building experience with their unit. 

  1. Lack of Maintenance

When your business does not have a preventative maintenance routine in place, minor issues your HVAC unit is experiencing can turn into major repairs that can cost you a fortune. By having regular maintenance performed on your unit, you can avoid this entirely and keep your unit running at maximum performance. 

2. Dirty Air Filters

Your HVAC unit does a lot for your office space. Not only does it keep the temperature of your building regulated, but ti also keeps the air that your employees/tenants breathe in clean and free of dirt. Air filters capture all the dirt and grime in the air before passing it through to your building. Eventually, these filters become clogged with all the dirt and need to be changed. If you are not changing your filters at least every quarter, you will be forcing your HVAC unit to work extra hard and that will mean a rise in energy costs. 

3. Leaks Within Your Unit

One common issue that we have encountered at Franklin HVAC are leaks within a unit. Refrigerants are agents within your system that allow for cool air to come out of your unit. They are found inside the coils within your HVAC unit which help cool and dehumidify the air within your building. When your system has a leak and eventually runs out of refrigerant, it causes your condenser to work overtime. After so long of running like this, you can find yourself paying more for major repairs on multiple areas of your system. On top of all this, the air inside your building won’t be as cool as your tenants will want. 

4. Thermostat Malfunctions

It is easy to blame all the issues on your unit alone but another crucial component of your unit working properly is ensuring that your thermostat is also functioning properly. Thermostats regulate the amount of hot and cold air that your unit should be producing for your building while also maintaining a specific timing for the air to be pushed through the building. If this component of your system is acting up, it can affect temperature fluctuations and can impact your employees. 

The heating and cooling inside your commercial space is vital to maintaining an efficient workspace and is something that should not be overlooked. Creating a preventative maintenance strategy can go a long way for your business.