The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. It sends out signals to each component the way nerves send signals to our bodies.

The difference is that you can choose the type of brain your HVAC system has. 40% of Americans currently have a manual model. 52% have some variety of electrical models.

Choosing the right one can have a major impact on your comfort, energy bills, and more. Read on to learn the differences between a manual and an electric thermostat.

What’s a Mechanical Thermostat?

A mechanical thermostat is the traditional option. It has a temperature-sensitive probe or bulb.

Moving the dial moves the mechanical components inside. This allows more or less heat to flow through and helps maintain a constant temperature.

What’s a Digital Thermostat?

An electronic or digital thermostat uses electronic sensors and microprocessors to keep track of the temperature. It works to keep it as close as possible to what you’ve set.

The digital display provides real-time readings so you can adjust settings easily. Certain models are programmable and let you change the ambient temperature automatically throughout the day.

What Are The Differences?

What’s the best thermostat for your home? Answering that question involves factors such as your budget, schedule, and willingness to learn new technology.

You should also look at the major electric and manual thermostat pros and cons to see what sets them apart.

Cost Savings

Manual thermostats require you to adjust the temperature until it gets comfortable. This makes your HVAC unit use more energy.

An electric thermostat allows for more precise adjustments. Programmable options don’t heat or cool your home while you’re away.

These cost-saving electric thermostat benefits are worth the higher initial investment. They cost more to install, but you’ll have consistently lower energy bills.

Energy Savings

Manual thermostats rely on you to remember to adjust settings. That can lead to wasted energy if you set the wrong temperature or heat the home while you’re away or asleep.

It may not even be something you’re aware of. 57% of American households don’t consider the environmental impact of setting their thermostat. 73% admit they don’t program or adjust it before they leave the house.

Electric options prevent this issue. Programming them reduces your energy usage without you having to think about it. Smart energy-efficient thermostats can reduce it even more.

Ease of Use

Turning the dial on manual thermostats is simple. The problem is you have no readout to see the exact temperature.

Getting used to the new technology in electric thermostats may take a while, but they provide more precise temperature control. Many smart thermostats can be programmed from anywhere using smartphone apps.

Who Can Help Me Choose the Right Thermostat?

A manual thermostat is a traditional, simple option that lets you adjust the temperature with a dial. An electric thermostat is a more technologically advanced alternative with more precise controls. Certain models even allow for programming or other smart features.

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