We are a full-service HVAC company for commercial and residential heating and air conditioning needs.

By offering comprehensive HVAC services, we make it our mission to improve the air quality and comfort of your home and office. Our team of HVAC experts are here to provide you with the highest quality service with the least amount of stress. We will knowledgeably handle every HVAC task from installation to regular service and emergency maintenance. Whatever your heating and cooling needs may be, we’re sure to be able to handle them with quick service and a friendly face.

Residential AC unit


Your home is your sanctuary. After a long day, the last thing you want is return to a home that’s just as sweltering hot or bitter cold as the weather outside. Not only that, but your home’s air quality also has a direct, unseen effect on your personal comfort and health, as well. Believe it or not, but when it comes to making your house feel like home, your HVAC system is one of the most important appliances you own.

There’s a multitude of reasons why you should update and service your HVAC system. For one, the comfort for you, your family, and your guests are all easily tied to the quality of your HVAC system. Second, the ventilation provided by your HVAC system is directly tied to your home’s air quality, filtering out noxious fumes, odors, bacteria, mold, and other airborne pollutants. Call us today to see how our team of local experts can help your home reach the level of comfort you’ve always dreamed of.

Commercial AC units


The HVAC system heating, cooling, and ventilating your business is one of the single-most important appliances on your property. The temperature and humidity levels of your offices and warehouses affect not only your employees, but also clients, customers, and even the products and supplies you keep on site to get the job done. Prioritizing your indoor temperature and air quality will have a direct effect on how well your business functions.

Because it is such a high priority, we understand when you say that you’re searching for an HVAC service that has the right level of expertise for the job. We’re confident when we say that our team is one of the best in the Franklin/Williamson County Area, and your business is in good hands when you call us for the job.

We’re here to do the job and make sure it’s right. When your HVAC system is installed, you can be sure that every part of the system is right, and that there won’t be any accidental problems overlooked that could come back to haunt you. We’re also going to know just what to do to fix any issues that may arise with your system. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your HVAC system is being handled by professionals.
When you come to us for your HVAC needs, you can be assured that you’re getting an accurate quote and quality work from the very start. We take pride in being your local HVAC experts, and we bring our best effort when we help our neighbors. Don’t settle for service providers who treat you like just another customer
We love being the ones to install and repair your HVAC system, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about the Do-It-Yourselfers out there, as well! In addition to providing installation and repair services, we also provide parts for systems for those who want to take matters into their own hands. Our HVAC experts will help you find the perfect parts for your system.

Comprehensive HVAC Service

Here at Sewell Electric Company, Inc., we take pride in covering every aspect of HVAC service, handling everything from installing the system to regular maintenance check-ups. If you’re more of the Fix-It-Yourself type, we’ll even lend our expertise to helping you find the right parts for fixing your own HVAC system. Our goal is to be your local one-stop shop for all of your HVAC needs.

  • Residential and Commercial HVAC Installation and Repairs.
  • Regular Servicing and Maintenance to Prevent Major Breakdowns.
  • Expert Technicians Who Provide Complete, Friendly Service.
  • Local Name You Can Trust

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A woman too cold during the winter


Don’t force yourself to layer up with blankets to just sit down for dinner. Let us fix your heating system and bring a bit of warmth to those cold, winter days. You and your guests will be glad you did!

Cleaning out a residential ventilation shaft


It may not be something you’ve ever thought about, but proper ventilation in a building is important. Proper ventilation helps remove airborne allergens and noxious fumes, ultimately improving your indoor air quality.

Woman appreciates air conditioning during a hot summer


We’re no strangers to the heat and humidity of the South. Being without A/C on a hot, sweltering summer day is the worst! Get your A/C fixed before the dog days of summer get into full swing.



A broken thermostat can lead to a whole host of frustrating problems no matter what season it is. Let us take a look at your system so you can finally have comfortably balanced room temperatures.

Franklin/Williamson County’s HVAC Servicer

A good HVAC system is the cornerstone of comfort for any home and the key for productivity for every business. The quality of the air you breathe can be a simple factor to overlook. You never really notice the air around you, and a whole host of invisible airborne pollutants can easily slip by the gaze of the naked eye. The comfort of a well-regulated room temperature, however, is instantly recognizable in the cold months of winter and the hot, humid summers of Middle Tennessee. When your system goes out, it won’t take long for you, and everyone else, to notice.

That’s where we come in. At Sewell Electric Company, Inc., our mission is to make sure the HVAC system heating, cooling, and ventilating your home or business is running at peak performance. Our team of HVAC experts will make sure that the system installed in your home or business is exactly what you need, and we’ll provide impeccable service to ensure that it keeps running for years to come. Don’t hold off any longer and force yourself to sit through another miserably sweaty or teeth-chattering cold day indoors. Contact us to see how our services can help you.