Running an AC unit costs an average of 6¢ to 88¢ per hour. This may not sound like much, but it can calculate to a monthly bill of around $211 on the high end. This cost will increase if you have a poorly-maintained unit that takes a lot of energy to churn out air.

Keeping your HVAC in top shape may cost some money upfront, but it’s well worth it. Read on to learn the average HVAC maintenance cost for Franklin, TN homeowners.

The Average HVAC Maintenance Cost

It’s important that you don’t save HVAC maintenance for days when you notice your system failing. If you do, you’ll spend a fortune on repairs… and will be left without comfortable air for what could be several days. Preventative maintenance is key.

But how much is HVAC maintenance if you do it routinely?

Professionals estimate that it’ll be an annual average of about $150 for routine maintenance. The fees can range from $60-$550 if you need to pay for out-of-pocket repairs.

This low fee can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you have a well-maintained AC unit, you may only pay 6¢ per hour to run it. This amounts to only about $14 monthly- a huge improvement from the $211 high-end average.

While a $14 bill is unlikely, the point stands that a well-maintained unit can save you big bucks.

Factors Impacting What You Pay

There are many different factors that affect how much you’ll pay for routine HVAC services. One of them is, of course, the season in which you choose to get your maintenance done.

Franklin TN homeowners can expect hot and muggy summers with 89-degree temperatures. You’ll likely run your HVAC a lot during these months and can expect higher maintenance fees for summer service. This is because running it more frequently increases normal wear and tear.

Note that it’s more important to maintain your AC in these months than ever. If you put it off until another season, you won’t get the performance needed for a comfortable summer with manageable bills.

The age of your AC is going to also impact maintenance costs. If your system is older, maintenance will cost more because of how worn down your unit is. You may need to pay for a replacement, which will cost more but save you money in the long run.

Finally, the maintenance company you choose to work with will determine costs. Reputable Franklin companies will charge you less than many lesser-known independent contractors. You’ll also get top-notch services, meaning that you won’t need to worry about unnecessary repairs and replacements due to poor-quality maintenance.

Get High-Quality Affordable Maintenance

Now that you know the basics of HVAC maintenance cost in 2023, it’s time to begin revamping your heating and air conditioning system. Sewall’s team is committed to providing the best repair and replacement services in Franklin, Tennessee. Our team is excited to answer your questions and provide a quote, so contact us to learn more about how we can help.