Staying in places with comfortable temperatures is important for safety. Those who feel uncomfortably hot or cold have a harder time making decisions. Performing manual tasks becomes needlessly challenging as well.

Commercial HVAC cleaning ensures that employees, clients, and guests feel comfortable remaining in your space for longer intervals. Read on to learn some benefits of regular HVAC maintenance.

1. Better Air Quality

When your AC isn’t serviced for a while, coils and other parts get dirty. Filters collect dust and debris. This makes it harder for the commercial HVAC unit to filter potentially harmful particles from the air.

You may contend with more pollen in your building that makes allergies flare up. Bacteria is also a concern that could make people sick, and mold can cause serious respiratory issues.

2. Longer HVAC Lifespan

A poorly maintained HVAC must work harder to keep the air at an appropriate temperature. This puts strain on all of its parts and electrical mechanisms. It applies to both heat and air conditioning.

The strain can lead to the equipment wearing down more quickly and increases the chance that you’ll need to replace the unit before its time.

If you’re holding off on routine maintenance for financial reasons, you might be hurting yourself in the long run. You’ll need to pay more for a new commercial HVAC system than you would for routine servicing.

3. Lower Electric Bills

Speaking of saving money, a well-maintained HVAC unit will run more smoothly. This means that it won’t take a lot of unnecessary electricity to operate.

In fact, the US Department of Energy says that preventative HVAC servicing can save you up to 30% on monthly bills!

With annual appointments costing $200 on the high end of things, the cost of maintenance pays for itself.

4. A Greener Business

Consumers are willing to pay up to 12% higher costs to work with an environmentally-friendly business. Since maintaining all types of HVAC systems makes you greener, it will make your brand stand out.

You can let people know what initiatives you’re taking to keep your business eco-friendly. You can sell it as a brand differentiator and publish reports on it. This won’t just bring people into your commercial space but will also help you make more money on goods and services.

5. Fewer Emergency Repairs

A poorly-maintained system isn’t capable of cooling your home effectively, let alone a larger commercial space. Commercial HVAC units are more likely to break down and stop running suddenly if you shirk regular servicing.

These sudden malfunctions can mean a lot of trouble for your space. It’s uncomfortable at best. You also may not remain compliant with local or industry regulations and need to shut down.

Make sure that you perform maintenance routinely to stop your HVAC from shutting down at crucial times.

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