Summer is right around the corner and if where you live is anywhere like Franklin, Tennessee, you’re going to see your average daily highs pushing 90 degrees.

Fortunately, no matter how hot or cold it gets, you’ve got your trusty HVAC system to keep your home environment comfortable. The downside to that rosy picture though is that the more your HVAC system has to work, the higher your utility bills are going to go up.

If you’re looking to save a few hundred dollars this summer on cooling costs, our team at Sewell Electric Company Inc has you covered!

Below, we share some of our favorite AC tips that’ll keep your house feeling great without freezing your bank account.

1. Get Your HVAC Unit Serviced

We can’t stress our first point enough. It’s something that many HVAC owners put-off and later regret when hot weather rolls around.

You need to maintain your HVAC unit throughout the year, especially prior to summer and winter (the seasons that you’ll presumably be using it the most).

Having a reputable HVAC expert inspect your unit’s filters, evaporator, condenser coils, and other important parts can make a world of difference in your HVAC’s performance. Also, these checkups often pay for themselves given that a well-cared for HVAC unit is an energy effective one.

If your HVAC is due for a checkup and you’re in the Franklin, Tennessee area, our team can help.

2. Put Your Fans to Work

If you have ceiling fans in addition to your HVAC system, did you know that the two can work wonderfully together? It’s true!

Having your ceiling fan on low while your HVAC is running can help disperse cool air faster which might enable you to turn up your thermostat by a few degrees without noticing any difference.

3. Consciously Set Your Thermostat

One of the most impactful AC tips that we can give you is to set your thermostat consciously. Most people just drop their thermostat to 60 degrees on a hot summer day, enjoy the way their house feels and go about their day.

According to the US Department of Energy, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Try to set your thermostat as high as you can while still maintaining your desired level of comfort. Once you find that sweet spot, keep it in mind and never drop your thermostat below that number.

4. Save Heat-Intensive Activities for the Evening

On a hot summer day, performing heat-intensive tasks like cooking or drying clothes isn’t advisable. Those activities will drive up your home’s temperature which means that you’ll need to drop your thermostat to keep things comfortable.

Save hot tasks for the evening and you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

5. Draw Your Blinds

Your windows reflect sunshine into your home which can raise your house’s temperature considerably.

Shutting curtains or drawing blinds can reduce this reflection effect which will keep your house comfortable and your wallet safe!

Wrapping Up AC Tips to Save Money This Summer

Having an HVAC unit is great. Knowing how to use an HVAC unit in such a way that it keeps your house comfortable without breaking the bank is even better.

At Sewell Electric Company Inc, our team is committed to being Franklin, Tennessee’s go-to HVAC resource.

Whether you need AC tips, help with routine HVAC maintenance or need to get your unit repaired or replaced, contact us today.

We’ll get a friendly team member over to you and we’ll get your house back to feeling like the comfortable sanctuary that you deserve!