One of the top things you might love about living in Tennessee is the weather. After all, most of the year offers mild temperatures. But it does get cold at times!

The average low in January is 27°F. That’s cold. 

So, what’s the best way to stay warm? The best method is to ensure your furnace works well. You can do this by following these winter HVAC tips.

1. Change the Filter

Your furnace has a filter that serves several roles. The primary duty is to clean the air that enters the furnace. The filter removes dirt, dust, and debris.

The result is cleaner air entering the HVAC system. This process keeps your house cleaner and safer. The filter removes impurities that cause allergies and respiratory issues.

Replacing the filter results in an airflow improvement. A dirty filter impedes the airflow.

Reduced airflow causes problems. The primary one is not being able to heat your home sufficiently during the cold season.

2. Clear and Clean Vents

After the furnace heats the air, it forces it through vents. Hence the name, forced-air furnace. Unfortunately, dirty or clogged vents disturb this process.

Take time to remove any items covering the vents in your room. Check the return air vents, too. Ensure that nothing blocks these devices.

Next, hire a company to clean your vents. If your vents have debris in them, it can cause problems with the heating process. It can also cause a decrease in your home’s air quality. 

3. Seal Leaks 

Another step of winter preparations is to seal leaks. Every home has leaks. These leaks allow air to escape from a home, making it harder to heat.

During extreme conditions, you’ll have trouble heating your home if you have too many leaks. Therefore, seal all the leaks. If you need help, hire a company to do it.

You might have leaks around doors and windows. You should also check your vents and any other openings on your home’s exterior. 

4. Test the Thermostat

Staying warm indoors also relies on a good-functioning thermostat. The thermostat tells the furnace when to turn on and off. Yet, thermostats wear out or experience calibration problems. 

Hire an HVAC company to test it. You’ll be fine if it works properly. However, they’ll suggest replacing it if it’s not functioning well. 

5. Tune-Up the System 

Getting an annual tune-up is also crucial. A tune-up is a service that HVAC companies perform. The purpose is to ensure that a furnace works well.

During a tune-up, the technician cleans and greases the system’s components. They test the components and replace the worn-out parts. Your system will run more efficiently afterward.

An HVAC company can also perform appliance repairs. You can get both at the same time if you need both.

Follow These Winter HVAC Tips 

Your home is your safe place, so you should feel comfortable there. With these winter HVAC tips, you can!

Sewell Electric can also help. We’re an established business that started in 1945. We provide services for HVAC systems and appliances. We can turn these tips into reality, helping you stay comfortable all winter long.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.