Since over nine in every ten Americans rely on HVAC systems, knowing what to do when these units malfunction is important. Understanding the causes of common issues is practical knowledge that can save a lot of time, money, and discomfort.

Read on to learn some common HVAC problems in Franklin, TN and what you can do when they arise.

Odd Sounds

People regularly contend with banging and clanking sounds within their space. When these come from the AC unit, loud noises are more than obnoxious. They’re also stressful because you don’t know what’s wrong.

In some cases, weird noises are a result of regular wear and tear. Fixing them may be as simple as cleaning the filter or coils.

However, it usually indicates a bigger issue with the system that’s tough for untrained individuals to identify. Call in the pros to learn what’s going on and get it fixed in a permanently-effective way.

Uneven Temperatures

Regardless of your space size, you may find that some areas of your home or business may have different temperatures than others. One corner may be extremely hot while another is freezing.

This usually happens because your HVAC system has some kind of blockage. Vents may have debris buildup that stops airflow in some areas. Dampers in the ductwork may also need adjustment.

Thermostat Problems

When your thermostat doesn’t work properly, it won’t sense the temperature in your home or commercial building. This means it can’t signal the HVAC system to stop running when it reaches the desired temperature. It will keep going until the space is uncomfortable and you’ve wracked up a massive electric bill.

If your bills are lower than normal or your system shows signs of excessive use, you need to check on the thermostat. You might just need to reset the settings or change the batteries. Moving it away from other heat sources like windows might also help it accurately sense temperatures.

Evaporator Coil Problems

Dirty evaporator coils are a common problem because they naturally clog with dust and debris over time. The only real way to stop this from happening is to get regular annual or semi-annual maintenance.

Frozen coils are also common when the AC unit gets too cold. Ice might accumulate sometimes. Turn off the system and let the ice melt while you wait for emergency maintenance teams to arrive.

You should never try to recalibrate or mess with coils on your own. You could get a nasty shock or start a fire without professional knowledge and tools. If you suspect a coil-related issue, get expert help before doing anything.

Resolve Common HVAC Problems Today

Now that you know the most common HVAC problems out there, it’s time to begin updating and upgrading your heating and air conditioning units. Sewell is committed to providing both troubleshooting and routine maintenance to both homeowners and commercial building owners.

We’re committed to helping you identify and quickly resolve issues when they arise. Contact us to schedule service and learn what’s wrong with your malfunctioning system ASAP.