It’s fascinating that 78% of Americans keep their thermostat at 68 degrees or higher during the winter.

If your thermostat ever faces issues, you could get stuck in an icy situation with no control over your home’s temperature. The comforting news is that everyone can get their homes toasty again in no time.

What should you do if you have a thermostat not turning on? Read on for our thermostat guide.

Check the Thermostat Batteries

The first and simplest step to figure out what’s going on with your thermostat is to examine the batteries in it. Many thermostats rely on battery power, and if the batteries are dead or low, your thermostat won’t function.

Locate the battery compartment, which is often on the back or bottom of the thermostat, and replace the old batteries with fresh ones. This straightforward fix might be all it takes to revive your thermostat.

Inspect Thermostat Wiring

If changing the batteries doesn’t solve the issue, it’s time to delve into the wiring. Before doing so, ensure you turn off the power to your HVAC system for safety. Remove the thermostat cover so you can take a look at the wiring to see if there are any loose or disconnected wires.

Reconnect any that are loose to ensure a secure connection. You should also keep an eye out for frayed or damaged wires since these may need replacement. If you’re not comfortable with electrical work, consulting a professional technician is your smartest move since it’s always best to be safe.

Verify the Circuit Breaker

If your thermostat is blank, you might be dealing with a tripped circuit breaker. Head over to your home’s electrical panel and find the breaker that corresponds to your HVAC system. If it’s in the “off” position, switch it to “on.”

This could be all you need to do to get everything running again. If it trips again immediately, it’s crucial to investigate further, as there may be an underlying electrical issue that needs professional attention.

Attempt a Thermostat Reset

Some thermostats come equipped with a reset button that allows you to reboot the system. Refer to your thermostat’s manual to locate the reset button and follow the provided instructions.

If your thermostat lacks a reset button, perform a manual reset by turning off the power to your HVAC system for a few minutes and then turning it back on. Sometimes electrical devices need a refresher to work well again.

Call for a Professional Thermostat Repair

Have you exhausted all of these DIY troubleshooting steps and your thermostat still remains blank? It’s time to bring in the thermostat professionals.

A licensed HVAC tech can take a look at every component in your system to figure out what’s wrong. They’ll be able to get the whole system in top shape so you can stay toasty.

Is Your Thermostat Not Turning on in Franklin, TN?

There’s nothing more alarming than a thermostat not turning on. Don’t let a malfunctioning thermostat keep you in the cold. By following these thermostat troubleshooting steps, you can regain control over your home’s comfort.

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