Did you know that 19,700 people a year are actually injured from a ceiling fan falling because of faulty mounting? Additionally; at least 4.5 deaths between the years 1995 and 2003 were caused by electrocutions due to improper wiring of ceiling fans. Things like this are exactly why you should hire professional ceiling fan installers.

At Sewell Electric and HVAC, you always work with a team of electrical experts that specialize in installing new light fixtures safely and efficiently. Continue reading as we share the four reasons to hire electrical professionals to handle your ceiling fan installations and upgrades.

The Benefits for Using a Professional Ceiling Fan Installer Are Endless

There are multiple reasons why installing a ceiling fan or upgrading your existing ceiling unit would be beneficial to your home. The main reason would be to reduce your energy costs.

Although ceiling fans don’t reduce the temperature of a room they do, however, circulate air throughout a room. This makes an area feel cooler than it is.

You can save to save up to 30 to 40% on your next energy bill if you increase the temperature settings on your thermostat and take advantage of the air circulation capabilities that your fan has.

You are also adding in a functional illumination option. It can also provide you with year-round value and overall, it can improve your home’s ventilation.

Eliminate the Chances of Things Going Wrong

Don’t forget that installing a ceiling fan may not be as cut and dry as you may think. If you wire a ceiling fan incorrectly you could increase your chances for electrocution, your circuit breakers might trip more frequently or you could end up with your lights burning out too quickly.

You may even install it and realize that a component within the fan doesn’t work or that you have installed it at the wrong height. If you are not well versed in doing an install from start to finish for a ceiling fan you may not want to try to DIY this project.

You May Not Know What Not to Do but the Experts Do

As with most home renovation projects, there are things that you want to make sure you stray away from when it comes to installing a ceiling fan. Make sure that you know the places not to install a ceiling fan.

You should never install a fan where the blades would hit cabinets or other raised items, you never want blades to pass underneath a light fixture or where they will be below seven feet from the ground.

Always make sure that you have turned the power off to your entire home when installing a ceiling fan if you don’t have a circuit tester on hand and make sure that you assemble all pieces of the components of the fan. That’s a lot to keep in mind, so make sure you reach out to a team of experts.

It’s Just Easier to Hire a Professional for Ceiling Fan Installation

Hiring someone to do the job for you and to do it right the first time is the main reason to hire a professional. Working with a company that not only handles installation but repairs and parts can alleviate a great amount of stress and give you a sense of safety.

The team at Sewell Electric and HVAC work to give you a no frustration and no-hassle experience while aiming to provide you with a job well done.

Hire the Experts

Everything isn’t meant to be a DIY project. Some things should be handled by trained professionals that can ensure proper safety measures have been taken while still keeping aesthetics in mind.

Sewell Electric and HVAC can handle all of your needs for electrical services and can walk you through ceiling fan installation costs. Click here to contact the people that want to make your life easier.