Our HVAC repair shop is hectic every winter season and for one main reason: people’s homes are turning into igloos. The winter time puts your HVAC system into overdrive attempting to keep your entire house warm. Unfortunately, many systems end up failing because of one factor or another and that leaves the house to freeze with the dropping temperatures. It is important to keep a lookout for these frequent problems your home may encounter this winter.

Frozen Pipes

As the temperature drops down, pipes and coils can freeze over. When this happens, the entire system ceases to function properly and can potentially even end up bursting. Hydronic systems like hot water heaters will fail with frozen pipes, ceasing the water flow. Before you end up having a busted pipe that can do a ton of damage, call an HVAC repair shop and have someone look at your unit.

Uneven Air Flow

We have discussed this before at our Franklin HVAC shop and receive calls about people who are experiencing an uneven amount of warm air flowing through their homes during the colder months. This problem does not necessarily mean you are experiencing an issue with your HVAC unit. Check your windows and doorways for any cracks or holes that may be letting out the warm air. If that does not seem to be the issue and it continues to persist, there may be the blockage in your vents that need to be unblocked. Call out a tech to come to look and see if that is your problem.

Broken Thermostat

It may not be your hardware malfunctioning and creating that igloo inside your home. It may be the electrical wiring behind your thermostat. This is why you should always hire a professional to manage the wiring of your home. If you aren’t sure if it is your actual unit malfunctioning or your thermostat, it would be best to call tech and check both out. If the thermostat is the problem, a repair company can wire you’re a new one and have it correctly calibrated so that your house is the correct temperature.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

The guys at our Franklin HVAC shop want to keep all homeowners aware of Carbon Monoxide leaks that may put your home at risk. Every homeowner does anything they can to keep their homes a safe and comfortable place to stay, especially during the winter. Carbon Monoxide is hard to detect because it is odorless and tasteless. These leaks occur mainly because of a cracked or rusted heater. If you have an older HVAC unit or notice anything working unproperly with it, call a tech as soon as possible to take a look and make sure there are no gas leaks. The cold weather can be brutal and without a properly working HVAC unit, your home could be just as cold inside as it is outside.