One of the many services we provide at Franklin HVAC is electrical work. Our technicians are highly trained to perform installations and any repairs that your home may need. Usually what will happen when we have a client call us for a repair is that they have tried to do the repair themselves and have either received some sort of shock or can’t quite fix it the issue. While we believe you should leave any electrical work to professional, we want you to be safe if you choose the DIY route and that means knowing the common misconceptions that people have about electrical work.

  1. Rubber Gloves and Rubber-Soled Shoes are Great Insulators

This statement would be true, if both of these items were made out of 100% rubber. In most cases, these household items are not strictly made out of rubber. Most companies will mix in other additives to make these products more durable and comfortable for the consumer. When these other materials are added into the products, they then become better conductors rather than insulators. One reason why calling professionals like ours at HVAC Franklin, Tn to do any electrical work you may need. We come with the proper tools to avoid any damage done to your house or ourselves. 

2. Wood is a good Insulator

Wood is not an insulator at all, it is actually a conductor of electricity. It isn’t a very good conductor but nonetheless, a conductor. If you are working on something that has a high-voltage of electricity, then the current will have no problem working its way through the wood. Dampened wood especially becomes a great conductor even with items of low-voltage, so you should be careful using items such as a wooden ladder when doing any electrical work. 

3. If an Electrical Fire Breaks Out in Your Home, Your Insurance Will Cover It

This statement is true if your electrical work is up to current safety codes. However, the issue lies if you chooser to DIY your electrical work in your home. Our technicians at Franklin HVAC have gone out to calls where the electrical work was done DIY and definitely in violation of certain codes. If your home was to catch on fire and the insurance company investigated to ensure there was no foul play involved, they would check to make sure that your work was up to code as well. If it isn’t, you will receive no money from the insurance company to pay for repairs. 

Electrical work is nothing to play around with and should always be done by someone who is professionally trained in this field. If you need any work done in your home, call us at HVAC Franklin, Tn so that we can ensure your home is safely wired and all repairs are done correctly.