Did you know that HVAC systems alone account for 44% of the country’s residential energy usage? The problem is that many HVAC units use more energy than they should, which costs you more!

Inefficient or dirty machines, improper installation, and lack of maintenance add up. But they don’t have to in your home or business!

Hiring professional HVAC services keeps your machines running as efficiently as possible. And all their work is much safer than that of amateurs. But when should you call them in?

Read on for three reasons to hire HVAC services, and why they’re the best option for your units.

1. Professional Installation

Professional HVAC services regularly install new machines in homes and businesses. Hiring professionals ensures that machines are installed safely, and work well long term.

But can’t you install an HVAC system by yourself? While some may try, you put both your building and air quality at risk.

Improper installation could affect your electrics or damage your walls. But much more hazardous is a system that doesn’t properly filter your air.

HVAC systems should filter out pollutants. To check this is working properly, you need professionals to install and test any new machine.

2. Safe Repairs

The second most common reason people hire HVAC services is for repair issues. Common complaints include:

  • Air not blowing hard enough
  • Air not warm or cold enough
  • Strange odor from  the unit

Of course, there is some routine maintenance you can do yourself to combat these issues. Regularly remove and clean your unit’s filters so it can work at its best.

But if this doesn’t solve the issue, call in professional HVAC repair services.

HVAC services are problem diagnosis experts, working much faster than you could alone. They are also safer, knowing how to tamper with or remove a unit risk-free.

3. Routine Maintenance

The third most common reason for calling an HVAC service is routine maintenance. This preventative approach saves money on repairs in the long run. It allows professionals to spot and resolve issues before they can worsen.

As well as saving on repair costs, this increases your machine’s lifespan. Bankrate states that new HVAC systems cost an average of $7,500. Simple routine maintenance can hold off this cost for years!

Routine maintenance can also improve your air quality. While checking for faults, technicians can also test the air and check that it’s as safe as it should be. Plus, at Sewell, we offer a 10% parts discount and priority status to those who sign up for routine preventative maintenance.

Looking for HVAC Services in Franklin?

Professional HVAC services are the smartest choice for installation, repair, and preventative maintenance. Trusting teams like ours is safer and more efficient than trying to tackle the task yourself.

If you’re looking for HVAC services in Franklin, stay local! Services that focus on the Franklin area know the issues the local climate and environment cause. Our expert HVAC team is the fastest and most effective solution to your HVAC needs.

For the best Franklin HVAC services, get in touch with Sewell today!