15% of American households use a heat pump as their primary form of heating. That includes 40% of households in Tennesee. They lower your energy bills and qualify you for tax rebates.

Hiring a professional heat pump installation company makes the process faster. It also ensures you get a pump that’s the right size and runs as efficiently as possible.

The problem is deciding which company to trust. Read on to learn three tips to hire the right local heat pump installer.

1. Gauge Their Experience Online and In Person

Look for a certified heat pump installer. They should have national certifications from organizations such as the NATE or North American Technician Excellence and local certifications. Look for evidence of continuing education. 

Certain installers may specialize in a specific type of system such as ducted units or mini-splits. They may also focus on old homes with radiators or new homes with standard heating. They may not be for you if these systems aren’t in your home.

Even the ones that do specialize should know about other equipment. Heat pumps also integrate with your HVAC system, so you’ll need professionals who are familiar with them as well.

Most of this information can be found online, but scheduling an in-person interview is even better. It lets you gauge their customer service skills while getting even more information about them. Try asking them five important questions.

What services do they offer? What are their qualifications? Can they provide an estimate? Do they have warranties? Can they give references?

2. Gather Recommendations and Reviews

Ask your community before you get a new heat pump. Get advice from your neighbors, family, and friends who they’d recommend.

You can also reach out to local tradespeople such as electricians or plumbers. They’ve got a foot in the business that gives them extra knowledge on the best option for you.

Online reviews or testimonials can also vouge for or against an installer. Check them out and see if there’s a specific part of the experience they mention.

3. Get Clear Quotes

Installing a heat pump is an investment. You’ll notice better temperatures and lower energy bills. An electric heat pump may qualify for an Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit tax credit of up to $2,000 per year.

See if you qualify for the credit first. Then, find out how much your initial investment will be.

Get a complete quote from each installer you’re considering. It should include:

  • Payment terms
  • Materials
  • Labor
  • VAT or value-added tax

It’s best to do this in person so they have nothing to hide. The important part is that they include everything you could be charged for to prevent any nasty surprise charges later.  

Which Heat Pump Installer Should I Choose?

Choosing the right heat pump installer can be the difference between a frigid home and a comfortable one. Always check their experience, credibility, and reputation. Do an in-person interview and ask for a full quote.

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