Preventing AC repair is a task that may not pop up on the radar until something goes wrong and you are stuck with a heating and cooling system that isn’t working properly. This will not only dip into your wallet, but it will take up precious time. Whether you have been motivated to keep AC repairs away because you just had a technician fix the unit or you are taking proactive measures since getting a new replacement, here we provide you with a few tips to keep everything running smoothly.

Reevaluate your filter changes

Even if you changed your filter two weeks ago, you should take a peek today and see what it looks like to ensure you are changing it appropriately. When you have pets that run in and outside all day, or you sponsor your kid’s soccer team and they meet at your house after practice, you may discover that you need to clean your filter more often than you thought.

Schedule your yearly maintenance

One of the best ways to combat an AC repair in Franklin is to keep up with your yearly maintenance. Technicians have the skills and trained eyes to keep all of the elements working in prime condition. If they notice one part that isn’t working properly, they are quick to replace it. Plus, they can get into those hard to reach places to inspect and clean. At the first signs a repair is necessary though, be sure you call in the pros to prevent a major and more expensive fix.

Clean debris around the outside of your unit

It can be easy to ignore the outside of your unit, but when you do your monthly maintenance such as changing filters, make sure you go outdoors. Walk around the unit and make sure there are no large sticks laying on top of the fan or vines growing into the system. Keep the outside cleaned of debris and you can keep the wear and tear that causes AC repair to a minimum.

Start a change jar for a replacement unit

When AC repairs become more frequent and your unit is getting older, a replacement is going to be necessary in the near future. While the initial investment is going to be more than an AC repair, you can help ease the financial weight by starting a small savings account just for the new installation. Whether you start a change jar or you have a set amount you put away each week, trust that the replacement will be worth it and you will save money on your energy bill.

Get the family involved

Taking care of an important piece of equipment like a heating and cooling system should be something everyone in the home or office understands and respects. Get everyone on the same page when it comes to monthly maintenance and temperature settings, and AC repairs will happen less frequently. With a little TLC, your heating and cooling system will have longevity and you won’t have to worry about calling in a technician as often.