Right now, your heating and cooling unit may be working in prime condition, and that’s fantastic! But, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. There are a lot of ways to prevent AC repairs when everything is working smoothly, and you probably already perform many at your home. To provide you with a quick reminder, we’ve created a checklist of tasks that you can do today to prevent AC repairs. Whether you’ve been a homeowner for decades or you just bought your first house, keep this checklist handy for you and your family.

#1: Check your filter

It’s vital that you check filters on a regular basis, and it only takes a few seconds. Even if you always make a point to change your filter on the first of the month, it’s a good idea to peak at it early from time to time. There are a lot of months that can stir up more dirt and dander than normal, and you want to be prepared for this because it can add extra wear and tear to your unit. Whether you had a lot of family stay at your home recently or you just got a dog, consider new factors that could cause additional dirt and for you to check your filter more often a few months of the year.

#2: Visually inspect the outside of your unit

Sometimes people tend to ignore the outside of the unit, and you should make sure that once a month you are visually inspecting it. Make sure that vines or other plants aren’t invading and growing in the fans and heading toward other components. If heavy winds or a storm comes through, remove any debris that has made its way on top of the unit. Also, keep up the grass trimmed around the area to ensure wildlife doesn’t bed near the area.

#3: Clear all vents

If you want to prevent AC repair and keep your unit working like new, make sure the vents aren’t covered up by anything. While it can be tricky to arrange furniture in a way that doesn’t cover the vents depending on your home, you can keep them open and clear from clothing and objects that find their way on the floor.

#4: Make sure your thermostat is reading correctly

From time to time it’s a good idea to make sure your thermostat is reading the correct indoor temperature. If you have another thermostat in your home, and notice they don’t match, call in an AC repair technician to get your thermostat reading correctly again.

#5: Schedule a maintenance check

You can add years to your heating and cooling system and save countless dollars on AC repairs when you schedule a maintenance check from a professional. If you don’t have one on the calendar now, go ahead and call today! It doesn’t take long, and the AC repair technician will check everything from the motor to the thermostat. Beyond prevent HVAC repairs, yearly maintenance also keeps your unit working in good condition when the weather gets extremely hot or cold.