Can you guess what the V in HVAC stands for? It is ventilation and is an extremely important part of what we do at Franklin HVAC. When we are talking about home ventilation, we are regarding the way in which air moves throughout a space. If your home or office does not have proper ventilation, the air can become stagnant and create further problems in the future.

The primary reason you should be concerned with your home’s ventilation is that ventilation is what maintains the air quality inside your home. Moisture and allergens are always within the air, and ventilation is what helps circulate these aiding in eliminating them from your home. Moisture buildup is what can cause mold to grow inside a household which can be extremely dangerous for your family. Taking a shower and cooking release moisture into your home’s air which will then stick and seep into your home’s walls to grow into mold. Exposure to mold can cause major health problems such as respiratory issues, fevers, irritation to throat/eyes, and issues to the immune system. If you begin to notice that the ventilation in your home is weak contact an HVAC repair company to come out and take a look.

Another major issue we see at our Franklin HVAC company when we go to a home with bad ventilation is that humidity doesn’t leave. That means that heat is not circulating in your home and remaining in one place. Know you may say with the colder months come upon us this is a good thing. We would beg to differ. Leaving your home’s bad ventilation the way it is, only delays the problem for a later date. After the cold months leave and your bad ventilation remains, your house will remain full of warm air that is not circulated through the house. So once the warm months come upon us, you can run your air as much as you want, but the hot air will remain.

On top of all this, humidity is another problem that can create issues for your family. Humidity will not only add more heat not being circulated inside your household, but it also adds even more moisture into your house. Humidity is just simply hot moisture in the air and without good ventilation, it will add to the amount being created from everyday household life. This will only expedite the growth of mold within your walls. Do your family a favor for now and the near distant future, call an HVAC repair company to fix your bad ventilation.

On the surface level, bad ventilation just creates uncomfortable living situations in a home which let’s be honest, no one wants that anyway. On a deeper level, mold is a byproduct of what bad ventilation can bring into your home. Ventilation is an important part of what we do and an important part to your family’s health. It is so important that it has its own letter.