The heating and cooling in your house can be one of the most costly expenses a homeowner experiences During the summer, homeowners see a rise in the bill because of how often the air conditioner is running and during the colder months, running your heat can become quite pricey. Our team at Franklin HVAC want to look out for your pockets and keep that heating bill down this season. There are some very simple steps that every homeowner can take to ensure their heating bill is kept to a minimum.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Most thermostats require you to change them manually, but the problem is that your thermostat does not need to stay the same temperature all day. Essentially, your thermostat should change multiple times throughout the day to keep it running efficiently and to keep your bill as low as possible. No homeowner is home enough to keep this routine with a manual thermostat and that is why choosing a programmable thermostat, preferably one that allows you to set multiple temperatures depending on the time of day, is ideal. Need help installing one? No problem. Our experts at Franklin HVAC have got you covered.

Switch the spin on Ceiling Fans

You may be wondering if we mean to actually switch the way in which your ceiling fan blades rotate, and we are! By changing the rotation of your ceiling fan blades, it helps bring heat down from a vaulted ceiling. Heat rises and when you have a cathedral style ceiling, you need to bring down that heat. Some experts would say not to run your fans at all during the cold months but if you do, make sure that you check the fan’s motor and reverse the spin on it. The best part about this money saving tip to keeping your house warm is that it costs $0 extra on your end.

Seal All Cracks on the Bottom of Doors

When it comes to heating and cooling your house, cracks on the bottom of doors can be a real money waster. During the cold months, air drafts are likely to sweep through underneath your door and counteract the heat that you are blasting throughout your house. By sealing these cracks up, you will not only eliminate the cold air outside from getting in and the hot air inside from getting out. This is a simple and cheap fix that can end up saving you a hefty amount on your bill each month.

Owning a home can come with a lot of expenses and as a homeowner, you want to minimize as many as you can. These tips are super cost-effective and super simple! By utilizing these simple steps to keeping your home warm during the cold months, not only will your toes be warmer while relaxing in your house but your pockets will also be a little heavier will all the money you are saving.