If you are a handyman or have a handyman in the house, it may seem like DIY electrical work is the route to go. Why wouldn’t you? When you choose the DIY route you: save money, you don’t have to make an appointment and wait for a technician to get there, and you have free reign to call all the shots. So why would you even consider using a professional electrician? Well, it makes everything a little easier and hassle-free.

At Sewell Electric, we are known for our hvac work, but we also specialize in our electrical work. For one thing, when you go with a professional electrician all the permits and inspections come with them. If you are doing electrical work the right way, you will be applying for permits and calling out inspectors to ensure that all the wiring in your building is safe to use. When you DIY electrical work, you are having to apply for all the permits, get them approved, and call the inspectors out yourself. At Franklin hvac, our electricians take care of all that for you. We relieve all this stress that can come with working with getting permits and inspectors out. If for some reason an inspection fails, it won’t be your job to fix it, we take care of that.

Another reason our hvac company is constantly getting called to do electrical work is that people run into issues that they don’t know how to overcome. Many people attempt taking on tasks that they don’t really know what they are doing. Just because someone knows how to air up their tires doesn’t mean they know how to work on a broken engine. These are the reasons we have people who are specially trained to work in these fields. When they encounter unique issues or obstacles, professionals can brainstorm and come up with a solution to overcome them. Someone once said that a little knowledge can be dangerous, possibly both mentally and physically to that person. When regarding electrical work, physical harm is very much a possibility to the person who thinks they can take on the work.

One major reason people try and choose the DIY route is to avoid the cost of hiring a professional. We hear it all the time at our Franklin hvac shop, people contact us and think we are going to charge them an arm and a leg. On the contrary, we keep our prices very reasonable for any project, but we also have a few tips to help keep the cost down. There are simple steps that can be done before your electrician comes out saving some the amount of time they are out there. For example, mapping out your electrical circuits correctly is one great way to save time for when the electrician gets out there. DIY is great for building a wooden dining room table but when it comes to electrical work, trust a professional.