There are certain HVAC repair and maintenance tasks that involve calling in the professionals – and then there are those jobs that you can do at home. The more the entire family is involved, the better your unit will run. When everyone in the house shares chores and household tasks, the sense of ownership is shared. This can be especially important when trying to teach kids of all ages the responsibility that comes with owning a home. Here are a few tips to get the whole family involved with at home HVAC maintenance.

Add Changing Filters to the Choir Chart

Whether your young children partner up with a parent to learn how to change filters or your teenager takes on the task alone, teach kids good habits HVAC maintenance habits early. They will thank you when they own their own house one day. This is such a simple, fast task, but so very important when it comes to keeping the unit running smoothly.

Teach the Family the Signs You Need an AC Repair

Your family should know what to listen for in the HVAC unit if there is a problem. If everyone in the house is aware of what is normal or not, an AC repair will be caught early when it comes up. Too often, just one person in the house pays attention to the unit. It is worthwhile to teach kids about how things work around the house. Not only does it help you as a parent, but it is valuable to them as they get older and they have their own heating and cooling system to maintain.

Focus on communicating on temperature settings

This is probably the easiest way to involve everyone and also the most helpful to your unit. Everyone needs to know what the thermostat should be set at during a particular season. Don’t go behind each other’s back and change temperatures because the system will have to work harder with continual adjustments and need an AC repair. If you communicate why this is so important, family members will see it as a group effort instead of just one person being bossy for no reason.

Clean up the Yard and Around the Unit Together

Again, such a simple task, but so important. Keep outdoor toys, large sticks, invasive vines, etc., away from the outside of the unit. Checking around your unit during regular lawn maintenance and making this a habit for your family will ensure outside elements won’t cause damage to motors and other components.

Make Sure your Family Doesn’t Throw Clothes or Objects over Vents

Kids won’t know this unless you explain to them what those vents in their rooms are for. Make sure they understand the importance of not blocking the vents.

Keep up with Annual Maintenance from Professional Technicians

When your unit needs to be maintained or fixed, make sure your family knows who is coming, when they are coming, and why they are coming. After the appointment, talk about what happened and how much the AC repair cost. Sometimes, it’s good for the whole family to know the cost of a smooth running HVAC system.