It’s estimated that around half of all homes in the United States were built before 1980. With most heating and cooling systems having a lifespan of around 20 years, you will have to consider a replacement at some point.

Even if the system has been replaced before, if you have a home going on 40 years old, it may be time to consider a new unit.

If you are like most homeowners, one of the first questions you will likely have is, “how much is a new HVAC system?” Unfortunately, there’s no black-and-white answer to this.

Several factors impact the cost of a new HVAC system. Keep reading to learn more about these factors to have a better idea of what the final HVAC system cost will be.

Size Considerations

When selecting a new HVAC system, you may think, “bigger is better.” However, when it comes to your heating and cooling system, this isn’t the case.

You must consider what size unit is best suited for your home. This is determined by your home’s square footage and other factors.

Because it can be tricky to figure out the ideal size unit for your home, it’s best to let professionals handle the calculations.

This will ensure you get a unit that works for you and your home and that is efficient. 

SEER Ratings

Another factor that will impact the cost of your new HVAC system is the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. The SEER rating shows the efficiency of new HVAC systems.

You will find that this rating ranges from 13 (the lowest rating) to 28 (the highest rating). The higher the system’s efficiency rating, the more expensive the system will be.

Other Installations

Along with the cost of the HVAC system, there are other potential costs. For example, you may need to install new duct work or even an ultraviolet air purifier.

Any additional installation you choose will increase the cost of your new HVAC system.

Controls and Zones

The cost of having a new system installed will also be impacted by zones and controls. For example, if you need a system with multiple zones, the cost will be higher than a single control zone.

If you aren’t sure if you need different zones, talk to your service technician.

How Much Is a New HVAC System?

As you can see, when trying to answer the question, “how much is a new HVAC system,” there’s no simple answer. More than a few factors will impact the final cost you pay.

While you can find an HVAC system guide online, which provides a general cost breakdown, these are not unique to your needs. The best way to know what this will cost is by contacting us for more information.

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