HVAC systems are designed to perform efficiently and to last for many years. However, to ensure that all of the components do their job correctly, you will need to invest in annual maintenance as well as minor AC repairs because it keeps all working parts in tip-top shape. By doing this, you get to enjoy a heating and cooling system that keeps indoor temperatures comfortable and enhances your indoor air quality. If your unit is performing as it should, here is what you should expect from it. If you notice that you are not achieving what is listed below, it is time to call an AC repair technician.

Desired temperatures should be easy to reach

Reaching comfortable temperatures is the primary purpose of an HVAC system. Indoor temperatures allow you to focus on what matters like cooking family dinners, entertaining friends, and relaxing. Beyond those reasons, it is important that temperatures are safe when the weather is at its worst.

If temperatures aren’t being reached, then there could be a few things going on. There could be cracks around doors and windows causing air leaks, you may need an AC repair, or you could be setting temperatures unrealistically. In the summer, it is vital that you only set the thermostat fifteen to twenty degrees above the outdoor temperature or your air conditioner will not be able to keep up. In the winter, the thermostat should not get below fifty degrees, even when you are on vacation. When it is set too low, pipes can freeze, and other issues can occur.

Your energy bill should be consistent

When your HVAC system is working the way it was designed, you will notice it in your energy bill. While your energy bill may fluctuate when temperatures are at their hottest and coldest of the year, for the most part, it should be consistent. If you notice that your energy bill has been increasing on a regular basis, get an AC repair specialist involved.

AC repairs should not be frequent

If you have your Nashville AC repair technician on speed dial because you call them so much, there are bigger issues going on. Frequent AC repairs (ranging from major to minor ones) should not be a normal occurrence. Continual AC repairs are a sign that your unit is reaching the end of its lifespan and it is time for a replacement, the wrong sized unit was installed, or other factors. Involve an AC repair technician to run diagnostics to identify the problem.

There should not be odd noises coming from the unit

Your HVAC system is going to make certain sounds when it turns on and off. Make sure you learn the regular sounds so that you can recognize when the noises are not normal. Bangs, clanks, and clicks should not be ignored. When you start to hear these, then call the AC repair technician in to fix the problem. The sooner you call in the experts, the longer your heating and cooling system will perform as it should.