There comes a time in every HVAC systems lifespan that it will need to be replaced versus getting an AC repair. Sometimes the signs that you need a new installation are similar to an AC repair in Nashville, while other times there will be no question about it. Ultimately the decision is up to you, but it is a wise move to bring in the experts for a little guidance on the issue. Here we provide you with a few of the signs that you’ll need to replace your heating and cooling system versus a repair.

You have more frequent AC repairs

As your unit ages, you’ll start to notice that you need more frequent AC repairs and these often start out minor but soon turn into more frequent and major fixes. When AC repairs are starting to become more costly, then you need to look at your budget and weigh the options of either continuing to spend money getting the fixes completed or if it is time to replace the unit. You may find that you save thousands of dollars on AC repairs that will eventually lead to getting a replacement anyway.

Your unit is over ten years old

The older your HVAC unit is, the more likely AC repairs are going to lead to a replacement. Once it goes beyond ten years old, you should start looking at replacements and asking technicians about the cost and brands of new units. Being prepared will make the initial price of a new air conditioning unit easier on your wallet, and you will love that you have state of the art features. Next time you get an AC repair or service call, ask the pros about your options and let them know about the research you’ve come across, so they can let you know what is right for your home.

The HVAC unit is the wrong size for your home

When your HVAC unit is the wrong size for your home, it causes all kinds of problems. For starters, the unit won’t be able to keep your home at comfortable temperatures. Wear and tear will be more severe on a wrong sized unit, and this is often a result of an amateur performing the installation. To ensure that this costly mistake doesn’t happen to you be sure that you go with a reputable Nashville HVAC service company for all repairs and services.

Your energy bill is gradually getting more expensive

While you may think you need another AC repair in Nashville, there are some signs that can alert you need a new unit. Check out your energy bill over the last few months or the past year, and if you notice that it has slowly been on the rise, you should have a technician do an inspection. As your unit ages, it will have to work harder, and it takes up more energy, and this is just a natural progression of heating and cooling units. Before you spend money on another AC repair, spend some time learning about your unit’s condition through energy bills.