Were you aware that over 65% of homes in Franklin, TN, are occupied by owners?

Owning a home can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when issues crop up. For example, is your HVAC pump raising some red flags?

Recognizing the warning signs is vital. That way, you can avoid pricey repairs and ensure the comfort of your loved ones.

Keep reading to learn the key indicators of a faulty HVAC pump.

Decreased Efficiency

It could be time for a replacement if your HVAC pump struggles to heat or cool your home effectively.

Have you noticed a reduced airflow, uneven temperature distribution, or an inability to reach the temperature you need? These are all signs that your HVAC pump may be on the outs.

It Needs Constant Work

Another warning sign is frequent breakdowns or the need for repairs. If you find yourself calling for HVAC pump repairs more often than not, it’s a major indication that your system is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Constant repairs can rapidly add up in terms of both costs and inconvenience. It often makes more financial sense to consider a new HVAC pump to avoid ongoing issues.

Unnatural Noises

Is your HVAC pump making strange sounds, such as grinding, bashing, or squeaking? If so, it’s a sign that something is amiss.

These noises can indicate mechanical issues or worn-out components. Left unrepaired, this can lead to complete failure sooner rather than later.

Your Bills Aren’t the Same

Are you curious about other common HVAC problems?

Increased energy bills are another indicator that your HVAC pump is no longer functioning as it should. As the pump ages, it becomes less and less energy-efficient.

This extra work leads to a higher energy consumption just to achieve the same level of heating or cooling. If you spot a suspicious spike in your energy costs for no discernable reason, it’s time to consider a new heat pump.

Your Pump Is Too Old

An HVAC pump replacement may also be necessary if your system is older than about a decade. While regular maintenance can prolong its lifespan, older systems are likelier to fail for any number of technical reasons.

Upgrading to a new HVAC pump can improve performance and save you money in the long run. Think of all the energy savings it’ll provide you with.

If your HVAC pump is reaching the end of its expected lifespan, it’s best to start exploring options for a new installation. Waiting until complete failure can lead to major inconveniences and even a costly emergency HVAC pump installation.

Now You Can Upgrade Your HVAC Pump

Once you notice any of these red flags, you can invest in a new HVAC pump. Everyone living under your roof will appreciate it.

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We’d love to help you with your HVAC pump and more, so contact us right away.