When the weather gets cold outside, the last thing that you want to happen is to need an HVAC repair in Nashville. While there are some AC repairs that are inevitable due to natural wear and tear and the age of your system, there are a lot of breakdowns that can be prevented. Between the holidays and the New Year resolutions, we know that you have a jam-packed schedule. But, here are a few simple tips that you can apply today to ensure your heating and cooling system is works all winter long.

Properly winterize the HVAC system

Whether you plan on traveling for the winter or you’re staying home for the cold season, make sure winterize your system to prevent AC repairs. Clean debris from around the outside of the unit such as sticks, dead bugs, and dirt, and make sure that if you clean this area with a water hose, you do it on a day that it can dry. You’ll want to prevent rusting and freezing on the outside of your unit. Also, keep up with filter changes, and you can schedule a tune-up if you haven’t had one since last winter.

Pay attention to temperature settings

While you want the indoor temperatures to be comfortable, you also need to make sure you are realistic about what your HVAC system can do based on the outdoor temperature. If you find that it’s difficult to find the right temp for the inside, consider getting a new thermostat that can read the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

There are many features that you can enjoy from filter changing reminders to remote settings. Not only does this help keep AC repairs away – it keeps your heating and cooling system working all winter long.

Make sure your home is sealed up properly

Check windows, doors, access points such as to the attic, and other areas that cold air can creep in. Seal this up the best you can to ensure you keep your energy bill down, and your HVAC system is working in prime condition.

Have extra filters handy

Around the holidays and into the New Year, the weather can get more extreme, and you may have a little more foot traffic than normal, and this means that filters fill up faster. Have a few extra filters handy to ensure you are ready in case you have to clean them more. This way, you don’t have to run to the store when the weather is at its worst to grab a filter.

Have a technician perform yearly maintenance

Each year, you should have an AC repair technician come to your home or office and provide yearly maintenance. Cleaning coils and other yearly maintenance are encouraged if you want to keep HVAC repairs away and make sure your entire system works throughout the year. You can reach out and schedule an appointment today to learn more about our services and how we can make the most of your heating and cooling system.