It is truly amazing how technology has made our household lives so much easier. Before the invention of washers and dryers, we were scrubbing our clothes in a wash bin and then had to hang them out to dry on a clothesline. These modern-day inventions have changed the way we live our lives at home but when one of these appliances breaks down it can feel like the end of the world. Appliance repair is one of the many services we offer at Franklin HVAC, but you could be taking steps to prevent these breakdowns.

Washer and Dryers

We all know what mildew smells like. We have all probably encountered a time when we let the clothes sit too long in the washer and they started to stink. This can create a persisting odor that creeps throughout your house from your washer. Our technicians at HVAC Franklin, Tn say that switching these loads to the dryer as soon as the wash cycle finishes is one of the best ways to avoid that odor. Also, keep the lids to your washer open between loads to allow the water inside the machine to dry out. This will reduce the mildew smell coming from your laundry room. If you have kids, ensure your laundry room door is closed when letting the washer dry out to avoid any unwelcomed playing inside the machine.


The dishwasher has made washing the dishes such a breeze. No more heavy scrubbing to get every speck of food off the dish, just throw it in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, dishwasher like to go out and stop cleaning your dishes thoroughly. Franklin HVAC technicians recommend that if this happens to you, check the sprayers inside your dishwasher to see if any water deposits have made their place in front of the sprayer. This can prevent water from soaking on your dishes.

Another major issue that we encounter multiple calls for at HVAC Franklin, TN is when dirty water sits at the bottom of your dishwasher after running it. This usually occurs because of a drain blockage in your home. After you run a load of dishes, check the bottom to see if there is any sitting dirty water. Also, check your sinks and showers to see if this happening elsewhere around the house. If you notice this being an issue, call out your local technician so that they can clear your line to avoid any serious damage to your pipes.

Appliance breakdown and repairs can be extremely frustrating for homeowners. They can become major inconveniences to getting things done around the house and a major impact in your wallet. By being proactive and taking the steps to prevent these breakdowns, you will be saving yourself a ton of money and the headache that comes with it. If you do experience any breakdowns or have an appliance that is not working properly, you can always give us a call to come to take a look at your appliance so that it can run just like new.