Warmth and sunshine! These are two vital parts of summer you might enjoy. But these things can also leave you sweaty and hot.

So, what do you do to cool off? Most people go inside their homes. The latest statistics show that 90% of American homes have air conditioning. 

In the winter, you go inside to warm up by turning on your furnace to get heat. There are many parts of an HVAC system used to heat and cool a home. If you own a home, it might be wise to learn these parts. Continue reading to learn more about the common parts of HVAC systems.


A home HVAC system needs a thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature. It also controls when the system turns on and off.

You can have a traditional thermostat or a different type.

For example, many people today have smart thermostats. You can control these from your phone through an app. As a result, you have more control over your home’s temperature.

You may experience problems staying comfortable in your home if your thermostat isn’t working appropriately.

Blower Motor

Every HVAC system has a blower motor if you have a forced-air system. This motor blows cold air into a home in the summer. It also blows warm air throughout a home in the winter.

Your home will not keep up with the thermostat’s demands if the blower motor stops working properly. 

Ductwork and Vents

HVAC parts also include ductwork and vents with forced-air systems. You won’t see the ductwork unless you have a basement. Ductwork hides inside walls and ceilings but serves a key role.

The ductwork transfers conditioned air to the vents. Each room has vents for the air to come through. 

To ensure comfort, remove anything covering the vents. Uncovering vents encourages the free flow of air. You can also follow other tips to improve the comfort in your home.  

Furnace and Air Handler

Heating a home requires having a furnace. The furnace is the primary unit found in your home. It contains many HVAC parts and is essential for heat production.

Cooling a home requires having an air handler. The air handler is the indoor part of an HVAC system that produces cool air. AC systems also have an outdoor part called a condenser, which helps the system remove heat from the conditioned air. 

You may need emergency HVAC repairs if any of these parts stop working. Of course, proper maintenance can help you prevent HVAC problems.

Learn the Parts of an HVAC System

Why should you learn the parts of an HVAC system? Learning them helps you understand how the system works. It can also help you diagnose problems when you experience them.

Getting routine maintenance can help your system run more efficiently. You’ll need to hire an HVAC company for maintenance and repairs. 

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