If you’re like the typical Williamson County, TN consumer, you likely pay $180 monthly for electricity alone. That’s less than the national average, but if you sum it up, it still equates to over $2,100 yearly.

The good news is that there are many ways to reduce your utility bills, including making your HVAC system more energy efficient. And with an HVAC consultation, you can discover ways to achieve that goal. 

This guide discusses what happens during such consultations, so read on. 


Whether it’s for a new HVAC installation or a possible repair, expect the consultant to ask you questions. It helps them learn more about your heating and cooling needs or concerns. 

For a new installation, here are some examples of what the consultant will ask: 

  • Do you want a ducted or a ductless system? 
  • How many rooms in your home require heating and cooling? 
  • What is your budget? 

Here are some questions for a possible HVAC repair: 

  • What problems do you have with your existing system? 
  • How old is your HVAC system?
  • Do you experience indoor air quality (IAQ) and humidity issues? 
  • Does your AC regularly undergo a spring tune-up? 
  • Do you also schedule your heating system for regular fall maintenance? 

Your answers will influence the consultant’s recommendations, so please give them as many relevant details as possible. 

HVAC Inspection

Let’s say your consultation concerns your existing but problematic HVAC system. For instance, it may be heating or cooling your home poorly even though it has new filters and all your air vents are open.

To determine what’s behind your HVAC woes, the expert will thoroughly inspect your system and its components, including: 

  • The indoor unit
  • The outdoor unit (also known as the condenser unit) 
  • The thermostat
  • The ductwork

With a comprehensive HVAC inspection, your consultant can get a clearer picture of how your current system functions. That allows them to make expert recommendations to help boost HVAC efficiency and performance.

For example, suppose the consultant discovers you have leaky ducts. If so, they’ll likely recommend cleaning the ducts, fixing the leaks, and insulating them. That can help prevent your ducts from wasting up to 40% of heating or cooling energy. 

Home Evaluation

This step is especially crucial for a new installation or an HVAC replacement. By evaluating your home, the consultant can properly size your new system. The evaluation includes determining the following:

  • The square footage of the areas you want to heat and cool
  • If there’s existing insulation (and its condition)
  • Ceiling height
  • Number and placement of windows and doors
  • How many people live in your home

Proper sizing is crucial because it affects system efficiency and energy costs. Conversely, an improperly sized system can result in poor performance and higher energy bills. 

Ready for Your HVAC Consultation?

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