When you’ve finally had that last AC repair and made the decision that it’s time for a brand new installation, you may wonder what to expect as you start requesting quotes. While getting estimates for an AC installation is similar between each company, it’s really the differences that you should be paying attention too. During the estimate process, you have the opportunity to learn more about the HVAC company and how they conduct business. Now is the time to find the best professionals for future AC repairs and maintenance, so you not only get a quality installation, but you’ll have a loyal company by your side for years to come.

Clear answers to your questions

When you’re getting a quote for a new HVAC system, the professional should have clear answers to your questions and give you all of the information needed to make a confident choice. If you don’t feel that you are getting the communications that you should with the HVAC company, then you may want to go another direction. But, if you find they use clarity when speaking and they listen to your goals, then factor that into your decision.

Straightforward pricing

You should expect pricing to be straightforward. If there is an area of the estimate that could change, the best AC repair professional will go ahead and disclose this, so there aren’t any surprises. Remember that you don’t want to rush this process based on price alone because this is a valuable piece of equipment for your home. Even if someone sells you a premium brand, if the installation isn’t done with accuracy, then the unit won’t perform as it was designed.

Ask what forms of payment they take and how the payment process works. If they ask for cash only up front or they have a payment system that you’re not comfortable with, it’s okay to ask questions and learn more. This is a big investment, and the best HVAC technicians understand that you want to be confident in how you pay.

A professional technician

While cost should be factored in, also make sure you’re also looking at how reputable the company is, if they are licensed and insured, and how professional they present themselves. Because you’re letting the AC repair technician into your home, they should be respectful in every way from keeping the area they work in clean to using appropriate language to dressing professionally and arriving in a marked vehicle.

Prompt customer service

For some people, customer service is the most important part of getting a new installation. When you reach out to the HVAC company for an estimate or to ask a few more questions as you choose the company for the install, they should be easy to contact and quick to respond. This will show you how customers are treated and what you can expect in the future when you need services such as AC repairs. Once you’ve found the right estimate for you, you’ll have an HVAC company by your side for the lifespan of the heating and cooling system.