We see this all the time at Franklin HVAC, an appliance has completely broken down on homeowners way too soon. It is nobody’s fault, but it is something that can be avoided. Sometimes these breakdowns happen because the appliances weren’t maintained before they reached this point. We always recommend taking a few extra steps to help keep all of your appliances running properly that way your wallet isn’t drained with a pricey repair. Here are some of the benefits our HVAC repair technicians notice when appliances are well maintained.

Increase Longevity

You hear the saying all the time, “Nothing is made to last anymore”. Well, this statement is only partially true. It is true that things are not made with the same amount of quality that they use to be, but the other half of the time, people aren’t taking care of the things they have like they should. When you keep your appliances clean inside and out, this helps them last longer. Checking pumps and vents to ensure there are no blockages will also help them last longer while functioning at optimal levels.

Improve Efficiency

Many of the appliance calls that our HVAC repair technicians go on are because the appliances aren’t working efficiently. Dryers are no longer drying clothes fully anymore or refrigerators are not staying as cold as they use to. This is due to a lack of maintenance on the unit and can, in turn, lead to the appliance no longer working at all or an expensive repair. Running an appliance too hard for too long can also be an issue. It is best to not run your appliances as hard when they don’t need to be.

Decrease Utility Bills

When your appliances are not well maintained and breakdown, you are facing either a hefty repair bill or buying a new appliance altogether. On top of this, when an appliance is not working properly, it begins to use more energy. This ultimately raises your utility bill creating an even bigger burden than you are already facing. One good example of this is when a dryer is no longer drying your clothes properly. You may have to run it multiple times just to fully dry one load of laundry. This can immediately skyrocket your utility bill because of the amount of energy you are using to do your laundry. It is best to knock these problems out early by fixing the problem when it first appears and maintaining the unit so that it does not get to that point.

Appliances were not made to last forever. There will be a time when your appliance goes out just because it was time, but you can take steps to make sure that your appliances last as long as possible. If you begin to experience some sort of efficiency issue with your appliances, you can always give Franklin HVAC a call to come to look at the unit. If we can save you from an all-out repair or having to buy a new unit, we will.