When you think of an AC repair, you may believe it is a black and white issue, and you will simply know that it is time to call in the experts. However, your air conditioning may be trying to tell you something about how it is running, and if you aren’t listening, you could be sitting by and letting further damage be done. When one component starts to go, then it can be like the domino effect, and soon another and then another area will be affected. Here we look at a few of the subtle signs that can alert you that an AC repair is necessary or it is very near so that you can be proactive and save yourself some money and frustrations in the future.

Odd noises

Noises are never a good sign when your air conditioner is making them. Of course, there are the normal sounds of a machine working as it should. But when those start to get strange, you need to call in the experts. Even if the clicking and clanking only happen in the morning when you adjust your thermostat or you don’t notice the sounds until it is the peak of the day, you need to call in the experts to find out why they are occurring.

Constant airflow

Often, when there is low to no airflow, you will call an AC repair technician because the indoor temperatures will be uncomfortable. However, when the airflow is constant, you may not be as concerned. When your HVAC system is working continually, this will result in a shorter lifespan, and AC repairs will occur more frequently. Check and make sure the temperatures that are being set are realistic and have an inspection completed by a professional.

An aging unit

If you feel like you see the HVAC repair technician so much that you should send them a birthday card, and then it is time to check the age of your unit because a replacement should be the next step. You can discuss your options with the technician so that you get sound advice about what you can expect from your unit is it continues to age. After a thorough diagnosis, you will know how long to expect the heating and cooling system to last, and what components are likely to need to be replaced next. If the cost of future AC repairs starts to add up, you may end up saving money in the long run by investing in a new unit now.

Rising energy bills

Your energy bill can alert you to all sorts of troubles, and Franklin AC repair is one of them. If your bill is on the rise and you can’t figure out why you should schedule a service call with the professionals. They can provide maintenance and help you get to the root of the problem so that you can enjoy the temperatures inside, and a heating and cooling system that works in prime condition for years to down the road.