Getting a new HVAC system for your home or business is an excellent way to keep energy costs down and the comfort of the indoor space up. It is an investment that many people take seriously, and you can prolong your heating and cooling system by keeping up with routine AC repairs and maintenance. However, even with regular HVAC services, there will come a time that you’ll need a replacement. When you call to get a quote for a new air conditioning, here are five questions that you should ask the technician.

#1: Are you licensed and insured?

Save yourself any frustrations and make sure that you go with the professionals that are licensed and insured. There are many people that are familiar with HVAC units because they provide home improvements, but that does not mean that they are equipped and certified to do the job. If something goes amiss such as a faulty part or the wrong size system is selected, the professionals can correct the problem on the spot, while an amateur won’t know have the knowledge to identify or fix the problem.

#2: What experience do you have installing my style and brand of unit?

Find out what kind of experience the HVAC company has when it comes to installing your style of unit, and get some helpful insight on the best brands. In order to make smart decisions about this investment, you can research on your own as well as get an expert opinion. Brands make a difference when it comes to quality and efficiency of the unit.

#3: Do you perform yearly service calls?

Once the new heating and cooling system is installed, you’ll want to protect your investment with yearly AC services. Find out if the company can take care of these for you, and go ahead and mark it on your calendar. Often, AC companies will also send friendly reminders to let you know that it is time to service your air conditioning system.

#4: What is the best thermostat for energy savings?

Thermostats have come a long way, and if you want to find one that has more capabilities than your old, you should ask the HVAC technician. Being able to control the temperature remotely and to adjust it based on the rooms in your home provides savings on your energy bill and simply makes life easier. Decide ahead of time what you want from your thermostat, and then let the pros know so they can find the right one for you.

#5: Are there other services you offer?

Many times, you’ll find that HVAC technicians can do more than just AC repairs and replacements, and you should ask what other services they offer. This way, if there are other jobs around your home that involves electrical work needs to be done, it can be completed, and you save time in your day. Having a more convenient way to get tasks crossed off your to-do list is welcomed by virtually every customer out there, and you all you have to do is ask!