Changing your heating and cooling systems filter is going to be a vital part of preventing AC repairs and premature breakdowns. From keeping the quality of indoor air clean to prevent health issues and allergies to allowing your unit to function in prime condition, you will find that your filter serves many purposes.

On top of the many benefits of changing and cleaning filters, you will discover that this is an easy task that only takes a few minutes, and it is one of the most inexpensive ways to keep your Franklin heating and cooling system functioning as it should. But, in order to achieve these results, you will need to consider a few things.


Your filter is designed to catch all of the dirt and dander that passes through your home, and pets tend to bring a lot of this in with them. Even indoor pets will drop hair and add to the homes air quality. When you are deciding how often you should change your filter, make sure you factor in pets and know that you may have to change it more frequently.

Foot traffic

A lot of foot traffic will require that your filter is checked and changed more often. If you have kids that play outside or you entertain big groups often, you will notice the filter fill up faster. If you have very little foot traffic and no pets, you may discover that you don’t have to change your filter as often as you thought. The goal is to make sure you keep the quality of your indoor air clean and health issues such as allergies away.


In the months with the most extreme temperatures, you will notice that you are using your Franklin heating and cooling system more frequently. During these months when you see your unit working harder, you will want to make sure you prevent AC repairs and keep it working in prime condition by providing the proper cleaning maintenance.


The older your air conditioner is, the more wear and tear it will go through, and you don’t want to see a component need to be replaced because the air filter was clogged and it couldn’t function properly. While the age of the unit will make an impact on how often an AC repair is necessary, you can prevent a lot of these with simple upkeep tasks like filter changes.


Of course, the best rule of the thumb is to set a reminder and check your filter every two weeks. If it is fine, then check it again in one week, and continue to monitor it often to find the sweet spot for you. You should also invest in an air conditioning service Franklin TN residents respect and find reputable. Getting the professionals involved to perform repairs and yearly maintenance, and taking a few steps on your own such as filter changes will add longevity and save you a lot of money today and in the future.